How to use a socket wrench
The socket wrench can also be called ratchet wrench. It is actually called a spanner by the British. It is inserted into a socket to fasten or loosen a bolt or a nut. This article will teach us how to use a socket wrench . If you prefer learning by video, you can watch here:… (0 comment)

What Is An Impact Wrench?
So, what is an impact wrench? It is a type of socket wrench that is used to send high torque pressure with the user expending only minimal energy. The pressure is delivered by first storing the power that is generated from the spinning mass, then sending this power to an output shaft. The impact wrench… (0 comment)

Who Invented the Wrench?
The wrench is also called a spanner . It is one mechanical equipment that is used in providing strong grip when torque is being applied and used in turning objects. These objects are usually fasteners that can rotate like the bolts and nuts. The person who invented the wrench is a subject of debate amongst… (0 comment)

How to use a strap wrench
The strap wrench just like the monkey wrench is one of the DIY tools for maintenance. It works by gripping the object using its straps. The grip is to prevent slipping. But before we delve into how to use a strap wrench , let us go over a little history. If you prefer learning by… (0 comment)